Back-to-School, Western Style

It’s that time of year, folks! Everyone’s headed back to school after a long and hot summer, and knowing the right trends can make you the right friends. One big fashion trend this year has been the western style – so pull on your blue jeans and strap on your boots, cause we’re goin’ to the rodeo!​

Bull heads and cow skulls have always been a sign of the wild west, and now they’re a fashion statement. We’ve just added a more feminine touch with flowers. The wonderful thing about this pattern is that there are so many colors to pair your jewelry or your boots with! Throw this kimono over a basic tee or tank with some jean shorts, or rock this dress with your cowgirl boots.

Cacti are an obvious symbol of the American frontier. Wearing them on your clothes is just another way to show off your western flair. Grab this cactus tunic with a modern twist for a cool night out, or this cute open-back tank for a hot summer car ride into the wide open range.


Another big pattern going on in this western style is serape, which originated from a Mexican background but has been evolved to fit the western trend. It features large, bold stripes that can be put on almost anything we wear. This is mainly seen on bags, scarves, shirts, and other accessories, but is easily adaptable to your own western style as well.

These patterns, along with your jeans and cowgirl boots, are the easiest and best ways to rock the western trend this school year!

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