Top 3 Summer must- haves for your beach trip

This summer is a scorcher!! With temperatures reaching well into the triple digits, people are out and about trying to cool off. Here are our top 3 summer most-haves for all of your beach, lake, or other summer trips!

 1. SIC Cup


You’re going to need to stay hydrated and cool while you’re out and about in the ridiculous summer heat. What better to do that than with your SIC cup? This cup keeps drinks cold for 24 hours!! Made out of stainless steel with an unbreakable clear plastic lid, this cup is virtually indestructible and comes with a lifetime guarantee! Get yours today! Customization available.


2. Tie Dye Coral Dress

Tie Dye Coral DressGreat for staying cool and fashionable this summer. Wear over a bathing suit or pair with some nice sandals and sparkly jewels for a casual dinner. Either way this dress is sure to keep you cool!

3. Jandals

JandalsThese Hawaiian sandals are perfect for any outdoor water activity. They are made from durable rubber, but super comfortable with an air pocket footbed. They are extremely waterproof, while adding comfort, style, and protection during your outdoor adventures!

Staying cool isn’t easy this summer, but we are confident with these 3 things in your arsenal you will be able to have fun, beat the heat, and look great doing it! What is your favorite summer essential?? We would love to know!