Navajo-Inspired Fashion

As fashion trends go, this one is big. You see it everywhere, even if you don’t notice it. The Navajo-inspired fashion includes suede fringe, beaded embroidery, turquoise jewelry, bold prints, and more. Even the biggest celebrities are seen wearing these trends.


Now, we all know that celebrities can pull off almost anything, but we promise that you can definitely pull off Navajo, too! All it takes are the basics and you’re on your way.

 First off, a simple suede fringe item. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive – in fact, the simpler it is the easier you can pair it with other items you already have in your closet! For example, invest in a cute jacket or vest that you can wear year-round, shoes that are comfortable to walk in, or a purse that doesn’t require you to check the weather.               

Next, a bold print. This one can be more color-specific to your wardrobe or neutral colors like black and white, brown and tan, etc. Find something that you can easily pair with a simple top, jeans, and those new suede fringe shoes you bought! A large cardigan or sweater is usually the way to go, but a cute blanket scarf can do the trick just the same!

And finally, the perfect turquoise accessory. To ensure the Navajo theme, make sure your pick is rustic-looking, and the bigger it is the better! A necklace is the most popular look, but a chunky bracelet or large ring will work as well. No matter what, knowing what works well with the items in your wardrobe is key.

Now, with the basics down, you, too, can go out and rock the Navajo fashion trend.

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