Sweater Weather

Sweater weather is right around the corner, and here’s what you need to keep warm this Fall while also staying in style. 

Blanket scarves swept the nation last year, and we have a feeling that they’ll be making a comeback this year as well. The most common print is a bold, colorful plaid that compliments many different color shirts and sweaters. With so many different ways to wear them, it’ll be hard to tell that you wear the same scarf every day to keep warm. Pair them with a simple black or white tee, a long sleeve dress, or another contrasting bold print to guarantee you’ll always be in style.


A pair of the perfect booties will also get you through this Fall while staying warm and stylish. A great brown pair with a little something extra will fit into your wardrobe seamlessly, and you’ll want to wear them every day when you see these! The fringe adds that something extra you want, while the warm brown tone and the classic heel will ensure they match any outfit perfectly. Wear them with your best jeans or a cute sweater dress.

Suede almost never seems to go out of style, and there are so many different ways to wear it. Tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, accessories; whatever it is, suede is the way to go. You can go classic and simple and pair it with white, or you can go more casual and add denim or simple prints. And hey, if your suede happens to include fringe, even better!

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